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A Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2005 to serve as a long range plan for land use in the Town of Plover.  The Comprehensive plan was implemented under two additonal plans that were adopted to provide more details regarding property use in the township.  These plans are The Town of Plover Access Control and Land Division Ordinance and the Zoning Code of the Town of Plover dated 2008
The Town Plan Commission consists of a Chairperson, a Town Board Supervisor,  and five planning board members.  They are list below. 
Plan Commission Chair:  Andy Delforge     (715) 449-3362
Town Board Supervisor:  Peter Marien        (715) 449-3044
           Board members:   Doreen Erbrecht  (715) 449-2542
                                            Scott McRae        (715) 581-4515
                                           Joe Ziegelbauer   (715) 449-9617
Please contact the Planning Commission Chair if there are questions regarding the town long range plan or zoning issues.  A number of application forms that can be used to request changes to property use issues are available on the Forms page of this site. 
The Town of Plover Plan Commission meets as necessary on the 4th Monday of each month, at 6:30 p.m., at the Town of Plover Town Hall.  If you would like to be placed on a Plan Commission Meeting Agenda, please contact the Planning Commission Chair.
Deadlines to have an issue placed on this agenda are as follows:
                Hearings - 3 weeks prior to meeting,
    All other business -1 week prior to meeting.
A map of the Town of Plover is available on the Marathon County web site